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Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry

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Nipple Jewelry Non Piercing & Pierced

Non piercing nipple jewelry makes for great gifts. Show off how sexy you are in the most pain-free way. No need to find a piercing palo to get piercedr. We offer really sexy items that will make the giver and receiver pant with joy! HOW SEXY DO YOU WANT TO BE? We can help you be sexier with our sexy jewelry! Enjoy non pierced and piercing nipple jewelry, shields rings and dangles. Oh so sexy.

nipple shields

Body Jewelry Nipple Shields - Silver

Non piercing jewelry is easy to attach to your nipple. It is sensuality at its best. All of these shields are Sterling Silver!

This hugs your nipple and feels H-O-T!

| Non Piercing Nipple Shields

Nipple Embracers

Nipple Embracers are sexy non piercing nipple jewelry that attaches with pressure. To see these is something else. Janet Jackson for the non piercing crowd!

| Embracers
nipple rings

Silver Nipple Rings

Sexy Nipple Rings in Sterling Sliver. Nipple Jewelry you will cherish.

| Nipple Rings

swinger jewelry

Swinger Jewelry

Swinger Jewelry lets you make a unique fashion statement in a very sexy and erotic way.

| Swinger Jewelry

Non Pierced Jewelry by!TM

Non Piercing Nipple Shields - NEW! Gold Plated


gold nipple jewelry shields

Gold will stop them in their tracks. This popular clip on nipple shields is now available in 18kt gold plate. These are not cheap, flimsy wire flowers. These are made to last over and over again when worn. Do not settle for anything less that this superior product. The finish is smoother and easier to bend and resists cracking. All the pleasure and none of the pain!

ITEM: NS104GS - 18Kt Gold-Plated Nipple Shields Nipple Jewelry - "Elegant" Retail $19.99 ea.

NS104GS Single $15.95/ea. Order 2 to make a pair.

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Our non-piercing nipple dangles and other sexy jewelry like non piercing nipple shields, nipple rings, and nipple clips can have a thrilling effect. Nipple shields, body jewelry, nipple clips, and slave bells are erotic, attractive and thrilling with a sexy look.

Make sure you get yours as these items sell out fast. And we get in new styles all the time so check back often.

Do not forget to check out our Nipple rings page.

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